We are a passionate group of engineers, product developers and car industry experts in Stockholm, Sweden.

We unlock the true potential of connected cars.

Three achievements

we are proud of.

Scandinavia, 2015

After a few years of developing our connected car platform, we launched our first commercial partner product in Scandinavian markets.

Europe, 2018

Then it was time to go to Europe with the launch of autoSense, your car in one app. 

The World, 2021

In 2021 we started connecting one of the most iconic sports car brand in the world. To make car ownership easy, fun and safe for their cherished drivers.

We’re shaping our legacy

on four principles

We question status quo

We support people’s ideas and liberate time to explore new approaches and technologies. We are brave and dare to fail and learn from our mistakes.

We are better together

We offer help and invite others to collaborate to find the best way forward, both internally and towards our partners. When we see a problem we take ownership and strive to find a solution, without ever placing blame on others.

Life first

We are super dedicated in what we do, but at the same time understand that both our partners, clients and team have something more important in life. It can be kids, parents, cats, grandparents, puppies, and nothing of the previously stated. Regardless we want to make your life work.


We treat each other, our partners and any other collaborator with kindness and respect. We show empathy and are inclusive in everything we do.

A few words about culture
Every now and then we let one of our colleagues reflect on our way of doing things

“I have always loved the culture that we have. That comes down both to how we are organized, how we treat each other and how we collaborate. 

In the day-to-day, you are working collaboratively on whatever projects you have at hand. Your colleagues will always set aside time to discuss every aspect of what you want input on, be it the general design of the feature, down to how you want to construct your database indexes. This has always helped me to learn more and to be nudged in new directions. You have all these great sparring partners that you can draw ideas from, and that can challenge your ideas".

Daniel Anfelt, software engineer 
at Haysquare. 

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